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Our Story

We are server administration, and development company started business 2001 through NoDowntime Domains brand, www.nodowntime.domains.

Our focus was always to build high-quality services at competitive prices and to be the leader of innovation and in developing new ranges of products for the people worldwide.

We are building Remote Job Spy tool as an answer to coronavirus COVID-19! We see that people in every country lose jobs as a result of the coronavirus. The social distancing measures necessary to stop the spread of coronavirus make the situation harder without any doubt. The coronavirus shock is causing new recession broad-based; the effects will likely be felt in every industry and geography.

It's tough to predict how it's going to play out on a long-term base, but it is clear that the threat of these types of viruses will persist in the future.

We are all aware, even before coronavirus, that remote jobs are the future of work. The modern remote workforce is the future and already increases every year.

If anyone better looks, easy is to find that on the one side, the talent is evenly distributed, but opportunities aren't! On the other side, companies that can find new ways to discover and empower talent, no matter where they live, need to have found it easier to hire top remote employees and continue work in any situation.

And from that state of mind is the Remote Job Spy tool born!

With Remote Job Spy, job seekers can get remote jobs that are better and safer than "regular" jobs!

Employers can have a more stable and less vulnerable workforce that can work in any crisis!

That's our idea and story.

Let's from coronavirus challenges make something good together.